When you go out of touch, things go out of reach

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On November 2, 2020, I became the first and last analyst to forecast Biden will win 306 electoral votes. The underlying factors that helped me accurately forecast the electoral college win aggravated in the last five months and now threatens to derail 2024 GOP Presidential bids years before the launch.

If the GOP stays on the Trump Platform, it will most probably take control of Congress in the future. It may win the Senate at some point. But it will never win the White House Again.

The nativist, protectionist…

It will be a long, arduous, and difficult task

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Demolition is easy. Construction is hard.

The anemic April jobs report has triggered a tsunami of response. The Republicans are on the attack portraying unemployment benefits as an overreach that’s hurting the economy. Biden punched back by asking the senate to clear his Infrastructure bill and American jobs bill to bolster the economy further. Caught in the middle, journalists struggled to cover the jobs report without talking about the importance of robust jobs growth.

The Economists made a big mistake, just like the pollsters did during the 2016 and 2020 Presidential…

The decision is a subtle rebuke to Facebook’s earlier decision

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Facebook’s oversight board ruled today “to uphold the social network’s ban of former President Donald J. Trump”, ending all speculation about the return of Trump to his former social media glory. But the board also decided to leave the door slightly open for Mr. Trump to make a comeback at a later date.

The Decision

The Board has upheld Facebook’s decision on January 7, 2021, to restrict then-President Donald Trump’s access to posting content on his Facebook page and Instagram account.

However, it was not appropriate for Facebook to impose the indeterminate…

But refuses to stop

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Donald Trump was at his best in the 2015 Republican Primary. Witty one-liners, catchphrases, Zingers, and a bag full of made-for-TV tricks that allowed him to bounce back after every scandal stronger than before. He was at his devastating best when he branded his opponents as Little Marco, Crooked Hillary, and Lyin Ted. A definition none of his opponents managed to get out of.

But politics is a brutal space. Your actions are always analyzed, and countermeasures are always fine-tuned. There are two ways to hurt Trump's political messaging. …

The last word

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On April 24th, NYPost ran a tabloid-worthy invitation “KAM ON IN” on its front page. According to the pre-updated version of the story, migrant children received a copy of a children’s book written by Vice President Kamala Harris at taxpayer expense.

It is unfair

Darnella Frazier, third from right. Photo by (Minneapolis Police Department/AP)

The Derek Chauvin trial has sent a powerful message to the entire world that Police Violence is not fiction but a heartbreaking reality for some. We cannot keep whispering in muffled voices.

Equating Blue lives matter to Black Lives Matter will not quench the growing thirst for police reform. The thirst will intensify further due to the verdict, which found a police officer guilty of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter.

Convicting a police officer for violence is a difficult task. …

Who else can carry the government’s message better than him?

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On April 13, 2021, the top-rated late-night talk show host at Fox, Tucker Carlson, went on a “You’re not allowed to Question the Vaccine” tirade. The segment was a perfectly timed follow-up for the monumental milestone the United States reached earlier in the day, administering at least one vaccine dose to half the country’s adult population.

Mr. Carlson may have timed the segment to perfection, but he was most probably not aware that the grownups in the country are gearing up to break his tiny little heart into 181 million…

And the State of Policing

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He was a kid.

That was the only image that got stuck in my head as I watched the footage of Adam Toledo shot by a Police Officer in Chicago. I did not think about the gun that Adam Toledo dropped after the officer asked him to do so. I did not remember Adam raising his hands after the officer asked him to do so. The whole world got slightly blurred as the footage ended. I played it again one more time, as I could not believe what I just saw. …

Replace: To change something old, damaged, lost, etc. for something newer or better

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In politics, branding is critical.

Branding helps political parties distinguish themselves from competitors and explain to voters why they are a better choice. Political parties do not release manifestos and announce policy platforms to look as close as they can to the other side. They publish them to remind people how different they are from the other side.

Differentiation is the only path to earning and holding power. Blaming the other side for the mistake you commit, obstruction to governance, and sometimes differentiation is achieved through legislation. But nothing comes close to the scale and magnitude of playing identity politics…

It’s high time to move on

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For decades, the Republican party and Corporate America enjoyed a “help me and help yourself” relationship. But the ties showed visible signs of crack after the January 6th insurrection and devolved into a fracture after Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed the controversial voting bill into law.

As the simmering tension between the Republicans and Corporate America edges closer to the point of no return, the US political landscape is staring hard into the precipice with no option but to reconstruct.

The alarm bells rang the loudest inside Corporate boardrooms when the pro-business, committed free…

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