Bill Barr’s Book of Lies

Shankar Narayan
5 min readMar 3, 2022

Even God will be troubled after reading his book

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The number of colorful figures involved in the Trump administration is expansively large — Rudy Giuliani, Jared Kushner, Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, Peter Navarro, Micheal Flynn, Paul Manafort, and many more.

Let me get you in on a secret.

Inside the right-wing, there is nothing evil or sinister, even when it is. Vladimir Putin is a hero. The man who paid for a pornstar’s silence is the chosen one. Steve Bannon is a freedom fighter. Democrats, the left, and anyone who supports them is the incarnation of the devil.

Of all the henchmen Trump amassed around him to deliver his wishes, a special place has to be reserved for Bill Barr, the former attorney general who woke up to his responsibilities after Donald Trump got his ass kicked on November 3rd, 2020.

Bill Barr earned his place in the Trumpian wall of horror. Without his willingness to bend, Donald Trump may not have had the full run.

Now, Bill Barr wants everyone to forget the things he did to reduce the Department of Justice into a laughing stock. His new book “One Damn Thing After Another” is Barr’s pathetic attempt to put a distance between him and his past.

  • Bill Barr’s Justice Department will always be remembered for one thing — how they undermined the independence of the department. Future Republican presidents now have the incentive to look for a lackey instead of a qualified leader.
  • He “misled the public about what was in the special counsel’s report on Russian electoral interference to make Trump seem utterly innocent when Barr had read the report but it had not yet been released.”
  • He “forced out U.S. attorneys who might investigate Trump”. He spread preposterous lies about voter fraud in advance of the 2020 election?”

A Book Full of Bull Shit

In the book, “One Damn Thing After Another,” Barr takes shot after shot at Trump, especially over his leadership during the coronavirus pandemic and his false claims that the election was stolen from him. Barr, who had a famous falling-out with Trump late in his presidency, writes that Trump’s “constant bellicosity diminishes him and the office,” and that in the…



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