Britain Takes the Lead. Says Fuck You to Hunters and Their Trophies.

Shankar Narayan
3 min readDec 11, 2021

Trophies of animals killed by hunters will be banned from being shipped to Britain. A significant slap on hunting for kicks.

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If God is somewhere above our heads, I hope he gives dentist Walter Palmer whatever he deserves for luring and killing Cecil, a collared and understudy lion who lived outside the hunting zone in Zimbabwe.

Cecil: Image by Wiki

He killed the lion five years ago, but it still feels like yesterday.

Walter Palmer cannot defend himself by saying Cecil would have brutally killed many animals.

Cecil had to kill animals to survive.

A man who fixes teeth for a living can go to the nearby supermarket to buy his food. So Palmer hunted for the adrenalin rush.

“The lion was a commodity to be collected, ‘taken’ in hunting parlance. Concern for the pain and suffering of the animal never seems to have been a particular consideration.” Andrew Loveridge wrote in his book, “Lion Hearted: The Life and Death of Cecil and the Future of Africa’s Iconic Cats.”

The kick Walter Palmer got from punching animals with an arrow and watching them suffer from a distance must have been so good. And, he couldn’t get over his addiction. Last year, Palmer got back to the game as he “paid up to £80,000 to slaughter a huge ram in Mongolia”.

Men like Palmer will never stop.

The photographs these creatures take and the trophies they collect are incentives to keep their neurotic dreams alive.

Animals are Trophies to be Collected

“Hunting enthusiasts often travel abroad — top destinations for trophy hunters globally include Tanzania and Zimbabwe — where they can obtain licenses to shoot wild animals, according to animal welfare advocacy groups. Their kills are then made into trophies showcasing animal skin or horns.”

The unchecked plundering of natural resources has changed the world into a very different place. “The population sizes of mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, and…

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