Conservative Groups Reveal Their True Identity

Shankar Narayan
8 min readJul 10, 2021

They Exist To Serve and Protect the Rich

Photo by Jessica Sysengrath on Unsplash

There’s an old saying: Pigs get fat. Hogs get slaughtered.

The Republican Party and the Conservative groups pushed corporate welfare programs in broad daylight because they convinced average Americans that the policies would benefit them in the long run.

Trickle-down economics. Lower Taxes. Anti-Regulation. Minimum Government. Free-Markets. Personal Liberty.

Long-run analysis of every single conservative priority listed above will circle you back to corporate welfare. But the political class would have never succeeded in their quest without mobilizing Americans.

The Republican party leans on conservative groups to lead their mobilization efforts. They expect the think tanks to create a pitch, take it to the people, run tests, and select the best angle to convince them. The GOP will then step in, elevate the pitch to the national level and turn it closer to their ideological position.

The Republicans turned real cute and overplayed their hand in 2017. They cleared a massive tax cut without factoring in the side effects. As a result, deficits exploded long before the pandemic arrived.

The promised economic paradise never made it to the U.S shores. Instead, Americans watched the economic horror unfold in slow motion. Middle-class earnings shrunk while the billionaires struggled to park their exploding cash.

Trickle-down economics took the last flight out of middle America and promised never to return. The Republicans slaughtered Ronald Reagan’s pet project in 2017, and the pandemic reburied the remains in 2020.

An aggressive push by the Biden administration to strengthen I.R.S and increase tax compliance has riled up conservative think tanks.

One of President Biden’s worst — and most unpopular — ideas is to double the size of the Internal Revenue Service by adding $80 billion to its budget and hiring as many as 85,000 more auditors and agents. The White House predicts this will collect hundreds of billions of dollars in alleged unpaid taxes.

More tax snoops. More audits. This sounds like as much fun as a proctology exam. It’s the kind of proposal only tax…



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