Electronic Weapons: The New Frontier in Ukraine

The West has numerous valuable lessons to learn from this situation

Shankar Narayan


How did Russia manage to pull ahead of the West in electronic warfare (Licensed Image)

The Russian military has encountered numerous setbacks in its expansive conflict with Ukraine, stemming from a range of strategic and tactical missteps. These include overextending their forces across too many fronts, resulting in the dilution of their elite battalions, lack of precision weapons and they were proven time and again to be tactically inferior to the Ukrainian armed forces.

On top of this, they’ve faced challenges with rigid air support tactics and ineffective artillery strategies. A critical flaw has been their inadequate logistical planning, ill-prepared for the prolonged and intense nature of the conflict. It was only after they lost a lot of occupied land to Ukraine and the frontline’s became more clearly defined the Russian army managed to hold things together.

It is important to recognize areas where the Russian forces have shown effectiveness, particularly in understanding potential areas of improvement for the Ukrainian military. Notably, the Russian electronic-warfare units and their engineering teams, responsible for constructing defensive structures, have demonstrated notable competence.

Acknowledging these strengths is essential for a comprehensive understanding of the conflict dynamics and for Ukraine to enhance its military strategies accordingly.

Ukrainian commander-in-chief Valery Zaluzhny told the Economist the issues Ukraine is currently facing in the battlefield and how to move things forward.

A positional war is a prolonged one that carries enormous risks to Ukraine’s armed forces and to its state,” he warns. The solution, Zaluzhny insists, lies in the effective use of the most advanced defense technologies. “New, innovative approaches can turn this war of position back into one of maneuver.

There’s this key area where the West really has a shot at making a big difference for Ukraine, and that’s in electronic warfare. See, it’s not that Ukraine’s leading the pack here; it’s actually Russia that’s got the upper hand.

But that’s exactly why there’s a window of opportunity. If the West gets down to business, pushing the right…



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