GOP Falls Into the Arizona Sinkhole Built by Donald Trump

Shankar Narayan
7 min readJun 30, 2021

Arizona election audit backfires as the second-largest voting bloc in the state opposes the recount by 18 percentage points.

Flag of Arizona by Wiki Commons

I have not said this enough.

Independents are the most powerful voting bloc in the United States. As partisan differences tether people tightly with their party, independents swing from one side to another, pushing the winner over the finish line.

After voting for Trump by a 4-percentage-point margin in 2016, they favored Biden at the ballot box last year by a 13-point margin, with 54% of self-identified independents voting for the Democrat and 41%, for the defeated incumbent”.

40 states voted for the same party since 2008 and let there be no doubt about their preference in the future. These states did not decide the 2020 presidential election. The rest of the ten states did. Closer to 400 congressional districts have a clear preference towards a single party. It is the other 35 that decide who gets to be the Speaker of the House.

If we break things down another layer, we will notice independents play kingmaker in the ten battleground states and 35 congressional districts. Wherever the number of registered Republicans remains closer to the number of registered Democrats, the independents select the winner.



Shankar Narayan

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