Holy Moly! Karine Jean-Pierre takes the GOP to school

Shankar Narayan
3 min readNov 7, 2021

Deputy White House press secretary is from another world

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Exit polls in Virginia's gubernatorial race revealed a startling fact. Voters circled education as the third most important issue facing Virginia, followed by the economy and coronavirus.

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Healthcare, Climate Change, Abortion, Immigration, and Racism, issues that animate the democratic constituents were relegated to single digits. Education climbed to the third spot because the GOP was highly successful in turning the school curriculum into a divisive issue.

This would have never happened had the democrats mounted a counterargument. But, unfortunately, democratic candidate for governor Terry McAullife did not have a clue to address it. Maybe Terry McAullife should have hired Karine Jean-Pierre.

The democrats should do themselves a big favor and use the deputy White House press secretary's comments on critical race theory as their sworn template. It is time to go on the offense against GOP's plan to divide parents into two ideological camps.

When the press asked the deputy White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about the impact of critical race theory in Virginia, she said:

"So, look, America, as you heard the president say before, is a great country," she said. "And great countries are honest, right? They have to be honest with themselves about the history, which is good and the bad. And our kids should be proud to be Americans after learning that history."

She took the Republican party's anti-government stance to attack the party's double standards:

"Fundamentally, we believe a school's curriculum isn't a federal decision. It's rightly up to communities around the country — the parents, the school, the school board, the teachers, and the administrators. And that means that politicians … should not be dictating what our kids are being taught."

And finally, she took a blatantly offensive position:

"Republicans are lying. They're not being honest. … And they're cynically trying…



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