GOP’s Circle of Doom encircles the MAGA and squeezes everything out

Shankar Narayan
4 min readNov 11, 2021

It’s the politico-business project of the century

Photo by Gwendal Cottin on Unsplash

First, Steve Bannon stole in the name of the border wall, then Catherine Engelbrecht looted in the name of voter fraud, and now Matt Tunstall was caught stealing in the name of political action committee.

These are just a few incidents I came across. I am confident there is plenty that fell through the cracks. The common thread connecting all these scamsters— the MAGA base.

Reports show that Trump supporters are economically struggling and lack the educational skill set required to lift their lives.

The GOP (with some assistance from the media mob house) talks to the MAGA base in a way they can easily understand. Together they redirect the anger of GOP constituents away from the party’s misgovernance and towards specific cultural issues. From a psychological standpoint, the right-wing tells the base what they want to hear.

And it works to the tee.

Don’t worry about unemployment issues in your state and rise up against the Republican governor. Instead worry about the liberal cancel culture, because if they win, they will come in and cancel you.

Don’t worry about the Republican party giving free money to corporations and a lack of funds to improve schools. Instead, be worried about history taught in schools because democrats are teaching kids racism to enable the great replacement.

Don’t look at California’s GDP per capita and ask the governor why can’t we do that? Instead, worry about homelessness and lawlessness in California.

The right-wing media mob house uses this strategy to deepen engagement. They have been losing viewership at a slow pace, but the deepening engagement has increased revenue.

Once the viewers are pre-heated, the political class jumps in to dial up the temperature. Without culture wars is there any chance for Donald Trump, who gloriously mismanaged the pandemic, to add twelve million votes to his name in 2020.



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