Here is Why the GOP will Clear the PACT Act

However, there is a reason why they rolled over the veterans

Shankar Narayan
7 min readAug 2, 2022


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Jon Stewart wasn’t in the mood to buy the pre-packaged bull shit the Republicans pushed after they tanked, the PACT Act, a bill to help veterans exposed to burn pits.

He replaced his trademark wittiness with some choice expletives. “If this is America First, America is Fucked,” Jon Stewart said. He reserved particular attention to the man who tirelessly worked behind the screens to build the trap door for the bill to fall through:

“Congratulations @SenToomey You successfully used the Byzantine Senate rules to keep sick veterans suffering!!!! Kudos! I’m sure you’ll celebrate by kicking a dog or punching a baby…or whatever terrible people do for fun!!!!!” Stewart later added, “PS F — the R caucus and their empty promise to our veterans.”

Pat Toomey is so honest that dishonesty runs for the hills as soon as his boots hit Capitol Hill. This is what Senator Toomey had to say about the people who called him out.

“That’s so absurd and dishonest for anybody to suggest that has anything to do with BBB,” he said, referring to an earlier iteration known as Build Back Better. “Who knew about BBB, you know, previous weeks when I’ve been raising this issue for all this time? I’m very clearly on record about this. So someone has to be willfully ignorant of the facts or dishonest to make that charge.”

The Republicans promised that the economy would “take off like a rocket ship” and the deficit would not increase as a result of the 2017 Trump tax cut.

Did Senator Pat Toomey vote for the tax cut?

Oh, yes, he did.

Honesty must have taken a vacation in 2017. Sir Toomey did not rail against the lack of guard rails in 2017 as he does today. Is there a reason why he didn’t object to his party’s absurd and dishonest promises?

No one deserves Donald Trump more than the GOP establishment. They were made for each other.

What’s in a bill?

“Known as the PACT Act, the bill no longer would force generations of veterans to prove that their illness was caused by toxic exposures suffered in the…



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