President Biden Makes Two Decisions that will Reverberate for Years to Come

ATACMS are en route to Ukraine

Shankar Narayan
5 min readSep 24


A missile launcher in action (Representative image- Licensed)

Yesterday, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Iryna Vereshchuk, asked Ukrainians to leave Crimea if possible.

Ukraine has been targeting Russian military installations and every major military target in Crimea, almost every other day. The sounds are already deafening, and the sound levels are soon going to reach a crescendo.

President Biden, after clearly laying out his negotiating boundaries during his speech to the UN General Assembly, made another significant decision this week: He told world leaders that he is not interested in giving Ukrainian land for Putin’s peace and President Zelensky that he will deliver the crucial Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) to help Ukraine.

There is no official confirmation from the White House. But I believe, very firmly, that ATACMS is heading to Ukraine. Almost every major publication has announced some form of confirmation in that regard. If the Biden administration was still sitting on top of the White House wall, they would have quelled the media reports. Neither did they say anything, nor the Ukrainian officials who were in Washington D.C, this week had anything to say to the contrary.

ATACMS is on their way to Ukraine. It is not a bad idea for the United States and Ukraine to keep their mouths shut. Why tell your enemy when and where they can expect the missiles?

When the United States supplied Patriot air-defense systems to Ukraine in the first half of this year, a long list of western pundits jumped into the fray to tell us that Patriots were not a game changer. I had a completely different opinion: “War Changing Patriots Arrive in Ukraine

Patriots completely changed the course of Ukraine’s fight with Russian forces. Ukraine’s layered air defense that included different types of weapons systems received a major boost in terms of capability and range with the arrival of Patriots. Ukraine stopped being unduly worried about protecting its civilians.

The midnight run in Kyiv to shelters came to an end. Ukrainian resources were given the liberty to focus their attention on the frontline. That may not be a game changer when you…



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