President Biden on Course for a Landslide Win

Yup. Landslide….

Shankar Narayan


Senator Mitt Romney is not going to vote for Donald Trump. Ever.

Senator Mitch McConnell won’t say it. But he ain’t touching that name ever again in the polling booth.

Liz Cheney, who publicly rallied against everything Donald Trump and his supporters stand for, earned 30% of the votes in her primary. It was Wyoming for Christ's sake…

Nearly 40% of voters in South Carolina cast their votes against Donald Trump and for Nikki Haley in the GOP Presidential Primary.

How many of these voters are going to hold their nose and vote for Donald Trump in the general election? Not many. Most of them are going to vote for GOP candidates down the ballot and pick President Biden at the top. Just like Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell.

These are hard core GOP voters defecting in favor of the anti-Trump candidate. Defections are dangerous. When you take one apple from your bag and drop it in your opponents, the difference is not one. It is two.

You are down by two apples, compared to your opponent.

A whole lot of Republican voters are going to defect, simply because they do not like what Trump & friends stand for. According to AP VoteCast, “a bit over 1 in 5 GOP primary voters said they would not vote for Trump in November if he was the party’s nominee”. That is 20%.

20% of GOP primary voters are saying they will not vote for Donald Trump.


Nikki Haley does not have a path to the Republican nomination. The race was as good as over when she lost the primary in New Hampshire. Everyone, including Nikki Haley, understands that Donald Trump will eventually clinch the nomination. The solid evangelical base support Trump has in the country is enough to hand him the nomination.

Screenshot of exit poll in South Carolina

But the phenomenon of rallying behind the leader did not occur after Nikki Haley lost her race in New Hampshire. In New Hampshire, she captured 43% of the votes. In South Carolina, she received 39.5%.”



Shankar Narayan

He didn't care what he had or what he had left, he cared only about what he must do.