Putin Turns Towards Fascism

Act Now or Risk the Consequences of Delay

Shankar Narayan


A Group of Security Services Men (Licensed Image)

“What does sovereignty mean for our state, for each family, and for each person? What is its value and true essence?, Russian President Vladimir Putin asked yesterday at the World Russian People’s Council.

Certainly, the answer to that question is known only to him. The father of Russia then took the time to clarify it for us all.

“Primarily, it is freedom. Freedom for Russia and our people and, therefore, for each one of us, because in our tradition, a person cannot feel free unless his loved ones, his children and his Fatherland are free. Our soldiers and officers, men and women of our country, are defending this genuine freedom.”

While reading the transcript of Vladimir Putin’s speech, my mind kept drawing parallels to Hitler’s address in Nuremberg.

Just listen to Hitler’s words, you will pick up the parallels.

“A movement today in Germany that fights for the renewal of the people must give its own symbol to this effort, and that is why we have chosen a new flag that is the symbol of the coming new German Reich: a symbol of national strength and power joined with the purity of the blood.

Our goal is for this flag to increasingly lose its character as a party flag and grow to be the German flag of the future. We see this flag is inextricably bound to the renewal of the nation. May these colors be a witness of how the German people broke its chains of slavery and won freedom. On that day this flag will be the German national flag.

Today you see thousands behind this flag. Seven years ago there was no one. All these people marched past us today under this flag with enthusiasm and glowing eyes because they see in these colors the struggle for the freedom of our people”.

A significant portion of Adolf Hitler’s speech at the Nuremberg rally was dedicated to criticizing and denouncing what Hitler viewed as the enemies of the Nazi regime: Marxism, the parliamentary democracy associated with it, the opposition, and elements of the bourgeoisie. He accused these groups of being responsible for Germany’s past failures and vowed to suppress any opposition to the Nazi State.



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