Josh Hawley: The Running Man

Home state paper calls Hawley a “laughingstock”

Shankar Narayan
7 min readJul 26, 2022


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It was truly and completely my fault that I underestimated the January 6th committee.

When the committee was assembled to investigate the insurrection, I assumed the Republicans would reduce the findings to a partisan exercise. Whatever momentum the committee builds, I thought the right-wing media mob house would puncture it.

However, it was the committee that punctured the counter narration mounted by the right-wing. They were also helped by the GOP establishment’s unwillingness to pump sewage on Trump’s behalf. Add to that Rupert Murdoch’s decision to shine the light on the next phony and ride it when the time comes.

Last week, Murdoch’s Post chimed in with this message: “Trump has proven himself unworthy to be this country’s chief executive again.”

It is true that the Jan6. committee had some factors in their favor. Still, they had to mount a case to firm up America’s opinion.

Trump’s controversy proof support base is starting to crack.

“ A Reuters/Ipsos poll that was completed just before the latest hearing indicated that forty per cent of self-identified Republicans now believe Trump was at least partly to blame for the Capitol Hill violence, up from thirty-three per cent before the hearings began.

Another poll showed “that about half of Republicans would vote for someone other than Trump in a 2024 primary”.

The January 6th committee has given the anti-Trump voices in the Republican party enough momentum to become louder, making Trump it’s biggest casualty.

Though Trump remains the top casualty, Josh Hawley has risen rapidly to the number two spot. His legs ruined the political career he planned to launch with his hands.

The Two Faced Hawley

“Over the course of his rapid rise in politics — from law school professor to state attorney general to his 2018 election to the Senate — Hawley has followed two parallel paths, each reflecting a different political persona.

On one, he has pursued elite privilege, even relative to other senators, commuting to a private high school…



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