Russian Ultranationalists slowly Slip out of Moscow’s Control

Russian State Stares into population abyss

Shankar Narayan


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Perhaps 143 million.

I am not very sure.

It’s not prudent to take the data provided by the Russian government at face value and assume it represents the objective truth. Rather, it’s the figure the Russian government wants us to perceive as the truth.

However, according to most sources, the Russian population is slightly above 140 million individuals. This constitutes a substantial number of people, making it one of the largest communities globally that has been squeezed from all directions.

The Russian President struggles to govern effectively; it seems whatever his right hand tries to grasp, his left hand ends up taking it away.

It is a bit sad, really.

Russia might not be up there among the top seven economies globally, but when it comes to death rates, they’re chilling at bad luck number seven worldwide.

No, it is not because of the war.

They held their ground in 2020 and they are still holding the same ground in 2023.

A study by The Lancet in 2014 indicated that the probability of a Russian man dying before he turns 55 is 25 percent.

In 2018, every fourth death in Russia occurred before the age of 60. Factors include poor medical care and nutrition as well as lack of exercise and a high incidence — particularly among men — of deaths due to alcohol and tobacco use, unintentional poisoning, and suicide.

In a democratic world, the opposition would have ripped into the Russian government for failing in its duties to improve the standard of living, ran on a campaign promise to improve the standard of living and trounced the Putin administration. But alternatives to the Russian regime does not exist in Russia, or in any other dictatorships for that matter.

The number of people kicking the bucket is just one part of the tough deal Russians have been dealing with. The other side is the drop in how many babies folks are having. Back in 2018, Russia’s baby-making rate was at 1.57, way below the magic number of 2 needed to keep the population stable at…



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