The Modern Right is a Phoenix

Shankar Narayan
6 min readFeb 22, 2022

Here’s why the right never hits the deconstruct button

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The Jan 6th blitzkrieg should have triggered the downfall of the right-wing in the United States. The violent aftertaste of flying extinguishers, swinging poles and bone crushing doors must have delivered a body blow to Republican tickets in 2021.

Instead, the MAGA party was rewarded with high profile wins in 2021, looks set to snatch the Speaker’s gavel in 2022 and unleash Mitch McConnell’s grave yard legislative tactics on the country.

Parts of the nut-wing want Trump to become the Speaker, impeach the President and the Vice President, and appoint himself as the backdoor President.

The QANON folks are pretty imaginative.

Despite the insurrection, President Biden is on the backfoot, while the American right-wing is on the front foot. Every time we write them off, the right bounces back with vengeance.

Americans are fully aware of Donald Trump’s inability to govern. They know he is a disaster in handling disasters. Instead of reporting a decline in support, Donald Trump topped up his 2016 vote count with 7 million voters.

Trump may have lost the election, but if expansion is what the right wing in the United States wanted, then they definitely won the 2016 to 2020 cycle.



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