The Rise of the Outrageous Caucus

And the fall of hardworking lawmakers

Photo by Sam Moqadam on Unsplash

A strong political system will stifle the growth of lazy politicians, purge bad-faith actors and attract high-profile candidates. Instead, the US political system aided and abetted by the media continues to do the exact opposite. It rewards theatrics, attracts bad-faith actors, and repels high-profile individuals from taking the political plunge.

Nothing explains this absurdity better than the rise of the Democratic quad, the Republican squad, and the ever-rising prominence of people like Steven Bannon and Stephen Miller. It’s a dangerous cocktail that will kill the democracy someday.

Money and a national spotlight have already taken precedence over legislative achievements. The media spotlight can be intoxicating. But instead of working their bottoms off to achieve that, the quad and the squad are acting their way to get it.

Let us take a closer look at the 116th congress to evaluate the performance of these artists to try and see how much value the country got for the $174,000 it paid them annually. We will use the ranking system built by the University of Virginia’s Center for Effective Lawmaking.

No one comes close to Jim Jordan and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s ability to keep the media on their tail in the current congress. It was a tight race to the bottom of legislative effectiveness between the two. Ilhan Omar gave a good fight, and let's hope she beats them to it in the 117th congress. I expect Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert to make it to the GOP Squad this year.

How much time did the country spend to know more about former Democratic Congresswomen Nita Lowey and Republican Congressman Micheal McCaul, the two most effective lawmakers in the 116th congress? I am extremely confident that this article might be the first time many readers have heard about them. Now compare that to AOC, Ilhan Omar, Jim Jordan, and Steve Scalise. The entire country knows them.

As the high-performance political TV stars get all the national attention and enjoy sustained cash flow to their re-election campaigns, those who do the real work are forced to live in the shadows.

How heartbreaking will it be for the 83-year-old Nita Lowey to do so much work and still be a relative unknown for the entire country, while Ilhan Omar fires a tweet comparing the United States with Hamas and walks away with all the media spotlight for days on end?

Jared Kushner firmly believed that controversies helped Donald Trump amplify his talking points and elevated his message. The left and the right live and die for controversies. It keeps the national spotlight on them, it helps them raise money, and both parties reward their behavior by offering them the attention they badly seek.

This is where our political system has come to. If a company promotes worst-performing candidates to prominent positions, it will only be a few years before it loses its position in the market. That is exactly what will happen to the United States if we keep sending theatre artists instead of hardworking politicians to Washington D.C.

It is the media's fault as much as it is the fault of the viewers/voters. It is an extremely shameful state because the current generation of politicians believe they can get away with anything. Can you believe a man with sexual misconduct cases and sex trafficking allegations questioning the FBI director in a congressional hearing while under investigation by the FBI?

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), who is currently the subject of an FBI probe, had a chance Thursday to question the man leading the agency responsible for investigating him. Gaetz came face-to-face with FBI Director Christopher Wray as the latter appeared before lawmakers on the House Judiciary Committee. The rare scene comes as Gaetz faces an investigation into possible sex crimes and obstruction of justice. A friend of Gaetz’s, Joel Greenberg, has pleaded guilty to sex trafficking a 17-year-old. Gaetz has denied all wrongdoing.

It happens only in America, and it will keep happening until we start replacing actors with workers. Will you ever give the keys to your business to any of these people? You will not.

America is your personal business.

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