Thou Shall not be Shamed is a Trump Republican

Shankar Narayan
7 min readMar 23, 2022

The GOP has built a league of its own

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Americans should quickly get out of their slumber. It’s time to act. They must adapt and evolve. They have a political party that has become completely immune to a human feeling called shame. The evolution of this new class of shameless politicians has the potential to change the world order.

My jaw dropped when Republicans started attacking President Biden for not doing enough to help Ukraine. The same Ukraine that got Trump impeached. While I do not know how Obama would have responded to Putin’s invasion, the entire country knows how Donald Trump would have reacted.

Republicans defend Trump’s narcissism as his transactional charm. Since the President of Ukraine refused to cook up Biden dirt for Trump, the transactional leader would have refused to talk to Zelensky.

He would have asked the Republicans — What’s in it for me?

As usual, the Republicans would have nodded their heads. Rather than fly to Brussels to rally the European Union, Trump would have played golf with Lindsey Graham.

Republicans who are attacking Biden for acting like a leader of the world, would have been busy defending Trump’s pro-Putin policies. Russia would have rolled over Ukraine in two weeks. Encouraged by Donald Trump’s stay at the golf-course policy, Putin would have extended his de-Nazification process to Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Estonia and Lithuania.

Putin would have ordered his spy master to bring him the list of countries with natural resources he can plunder before Trump retires. Immigration from war-torn areas will lead to the collapse of the European Union. NATO will break.

All the former European Union members, left alone and on their own, will be easy pickings for communist regimes to bully around. Trade with Russia and China will be on the rise, while trade with America will experience a downward spiral.

Republicans will blame Obama and Clinton for breaking the world order. Virginia Governor will run for re-election on the promise to deliver history books without a single line of history, and win.

Trump GOP was an un-mitigated National Security Disaster



Shankar Narayan

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