Ukraine Breaks Through the Final Russian Defensive Line at Verbove

The Russian defense is showing cracks

Shankar Narayan
5 min readSep 22


Soldiers clearing a trench (Licensed Image)

Ukrainian armored units have made significant progress by moving to the south of the Russian anti-tank ditches and dragon’s teeth barriers in Western Zaporizhzhia.

The location of the breach circled in blue. Screenshot of Ukraine frontline in Western Zaporizhzhia from ISW. Blue and Orange sketches added by author

Towards the end of June, Sputnik, a Russian state-owned media entity, proudly declared that Ukrainians could not breach the Surovikin line. They presented several reasons, some of which were indeed valid. For instance, “The defensive lines consist of a complex and multilayered system, including infantry trenches, anti-personnel and anti-tank minefields, and anti-tank barriers known as ‘the dragon’s teeth.’ Additionally, elevated earthen berms are strategically placed to shield military equipment and provide additional protection.”

The defensive structures in Western Zaporizhzhia were extensive and multilayered, contributing to the prolonged effort required to clear the territory. The Ukrainian army proceeded methodically, liberating one village after another. As the Ukrainian forces advanced near Robotyne, Russian commanders responded by relocating multiple divisions from other parts of the occupied territory to Robotyne.

The 7th Guards Mountain Airborne Division, previously stationed near Kherson Oblast, and the 76th Guards VDV Division, stationed near Bakhmut, were both moved to Robotyne. At least 20 Russian divisions are attempting to halt the Ukrainian army’s advance around Robotyne. You can see the cluster of Russian army divisions in the image below.

Surrounded the Ukrainian troops in three directions, but the Russians still could not stop them (screenshot from deepstatelive)

Despite these obstacles, Ukraine has managed to push forward. The map from ISW below illustrates the gap through which Ukraine is attempting…



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