Ukraine Punches Back in Avdiivka

But that is not the full story

Shankar Narayan


Military tank in a battle (Licensed Image)

A closed briefing on the vote for the aid package for Ukraine took place on December 5th in the US Congress. It was an interesting discussion that went back and forth for a while. But it wasn’t the things that the MAGA congressmen spoke about that caught my eye, but the one that came out of representatives who wanted to help Ukraine.

“We have to vote to provide aid to Ukraine, that’s the main thing. Ukraine has done a great job of defending its country and containing the Russians. They need our help to keep doing that. We have clear goals in Ukraine. We will not back down now. Just because there is no guarantee of a complete victory, the return of the entire territory by Ukraine, there is no reason to stop and refuse to support Ukraine,” said Democratic Congressman Adam Smith.

‘Just because there is no guarantee of a complete victory.’

This has already become the line of thinking for many in the western world. We cannot change their perception by telling them Ukraine was never given the proper weapons at the right time to crush the Russian military. They still don’t have the F-16s, and they still lack enough long-range ATACMS to decimate Russian logistics. But the expectation that they should achieve complete victory remains as high as it has always been.

The gap between what is expected and what is actually happening signals a minor triumph for the Kremlin in the information arena. The significance of perception cannot be overstated. If this trend continues unchecked, it could escalate into a major issue, leading to a shift in conversations towards notions of defeat.

It is a sad reality that the West expects 100 times return for the investment it is making in Ukraine. It is a cross Ukraine has no choice but to bear in silence. Things have slowed down on the frontline and we have the western world, especially the United States still bickering over the size and date of the Ukraine aid package.

But there is a small part of me that is actually happy about things slowing down in Ukraine.

I don’t think I was the only one in the world, there were a few others who were of the opinion that Ukraine should not start its counteroffensive. I am talking…



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