Ukraine Triggers a Russian Redeployment

Time to start phase 2

Shankar Narayan
7 min readSep 4, 2023
Soldiers walking (Licensed Image)

Anticipation is steadily growing, and it seems to have intensified following the White House’s announcement of Ukraine’s notable progress in its counteroffensive. Ukraine’s official statements have not attempted to downplay these rising expectations, contributing to a rapid flow of information moving in a positive direction.

The tone of major publications has noticeably shifted, not entirely towards optimism but more in a cautious ‘let’s hope for the best’ manner.

These publications had no choice but to adapt, given that Ukraine’s actions have compelled Russia to make substantial adjustments. There are ongoing shifts in Russian force composition and positioning, and we will witness their effects in the coming weeks.

On September 1, 2023 the Institute of Study of War reported that Russia had initiated a “lateral redeployment” of its military forces. This term denotes the relocation of Russian forces from one operational area to another. Before delving into the specifics of this redeployment within occupied territory, it’s essential to first explore the process of weakening the enemy forces, as this is the driving factor behind the lateral redeployment.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine stands out as an unprecedented event in many…



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