Ukraine’s Small Window for Total Victory

They must hold the line through the winter

Shankar Narayan


St. Andrew’s Church in Kyiv (Licensed Image)

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Chinese Premier Xi Jinping in October and has since been engaged in the Middle East, meeting leaders from Saudi Arabia and the UAE. He had invited Hamas to visit Moscow and is planning a potential visit to North Korea next year. Putin’s active global engagement appears to be a strategic attempt to garner support for his administration and counteract efforts from opposing sides.

But this also shows how active Putin is in building a façade that all is well within Russia and the war in Ukraine is not something to be worried about. No one wants to be on the side of the loser, and Putin is cranking up his tours to whip up the sentiment that he is in control, he is in it to win it and he will do so.

Russia is in a desperate situation.

Every conscript rebuild his military does could be the last. Can you imagine a man who considers himself the Czar of a powerful Russian empire giving guided tours to the leader of North Korea. How far has he fallen from making leaders wait to meet him and then use psychological threats to make them feel small when in a meeting with him. He once took a dog to his meeting with former German Chancellor Angela Merkel who has a phobia about dogs.

In 2014, Putin reportedly kept German Chancellor Angela Merkel waiting for over four hours for a meeting in Moscow. This was seen as a deliberate snub by Merkel, who is known for her punctuality. Putin has also been known to keep former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych waiting for hours, and even Pope Francis, who once waited almost an hour for Putin to arrive for a meeting in 2015.

Screenshot from The Guardian in 2015

The Guardian called it as ‘tardiness’. But there was no tardiness while meeting with Kim Jong Un. I bet my one dollar, or 92.45 rubles as of now, that Putin was not a second late to his recent meeting with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Bin Salman.

He personally picked up North Korean leader Kim Jong-un at Vladivostok International Airport, Russia on September 13. This…



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