Who Helps Ukraine the Most?

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Shankar Narayan


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“Scholz, whose reputation for dithering had been coined as “Scholzing” in Ukrainian memes last summer, said in a Wednesday radio interview that the real meaning of the term was ‘Germany does the most’.”

If only what the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said was true, the Russia-Ukraine war would have been over by now. There will be no need for journalists to offer status report on Ukraine. Experts would be writing books. Educators will be scrambling to update history books. Military planners will be furiously modifying their deterrence doctrine.

Similar to the second world war, the world remains extremely dependent on the United States to stop a mad man from running all over it to complete his delusional dreams. The United States took its time to directly participate in the second world war, but without the assistance it provided during the early stages of the war Hitler’s killing machine would have ransacked half the world.

Out of the estimated $113.1 billion aid provided to Ukraine (January to November 2022), nearly half the amount has come from the United States. The other half came from European Countries and the rest of the world. Within Europe, the contribution has remained uneven.

If we look at the absolute numbers alone, we may miss the fact that some countries give more than others.

Image Source: Kiel.de

As soon as we change the above listed chart from absolute numbers to view the aid as a percentage of the country’s GDP, we will see a small group of countries quickly rising to the top. It also reveals the gaping hole left by the two economic bulwarks of Europe, France and Germany. Both the countries were left wanting in the moment of global need.

Aid to Ukraine from EU: Table created by author using data from kiel.de

In spite of the popular belief that German government’s lack of enthusiasm to help Ukraine is the result of its post-second world war pacifism, I disagree slightly.



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