What Made Some People Want the 10-Year-Old Victim of Rape To Give Birth

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Shankar Narayan
7 min readJul 18, 2022


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“The Roman Catholic church teaches that abortion is murder because life begins at the moment of conception and ends with natural death.” — Reuters

It is interesting to see natural death at the end of the statement. Using the same principles, intervening in aging would be egregiously unfair.

  • Who are you to perform CPR on a soul that has already been embraced by god?
  • What is the purpose of intensive care units?
  • What is the purpose of science and scientists?

It seems absurd, doesn’t it?

Only mankind has been able to advance its lifestyle through hard work, intelligence, and entrepreneurship. It is not in our nature to regress. Advancement is part of our design.

What they cannot convince by preaching their wisdom shouldn’t be enforced. But, that’s exactly what they’ve always done.

Throughout history, the religious-industrial-complex has punished scientists: Rhazes (865–925), Michael Servetus (1511–1553), Galileo (1564–1642), Henry Oldenburg (1619–1677), Gerhard Domagk (1895–1964), Albert Einstein (1879–1955) and many more.

We have little in common with the religious beliefs we had two hundred years ago. The change has a reason. Scientists call it science.

As science advanced, global religions evolved. By refusing, most religions would have been reduced to history — all of them would have been paganized.

Right-wing reaction to the 10-year-old rape case is a direct result of the non-existent separator between religion and politics.

An ungodly pervert raped a 10-year-old. A child was pregnant with a child. Ohio’s ruling party, the GOP, banned abortion after six weeks. She crossed the state border into Indiana to remove the ungodly seed from her body. She received the care she deserved.

However, the religious pandering party was furious.

According to the general counsel for the National Right to Life, Jim Bopp, the “10-year-old Ohio…



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